Sunday, August 24, 2008

From Saturday's Figure Session

I missed the last 2 sessions and it always feels strange to get back in to the sketching on Saturday morning mode. The model did several gestures and then got into this pose for the 1 1/2 left of the session - nice light on his shoulder, hair and down the left side.
For a lovely scene of a green pond filled with green frogs, go over and visit Nina at: Nature Remains (see sidebar for her recent post on "green.")
I told her I had to share this quote of her's from the post: It is the spaces we do not conquer, that wear the truest shade."
That can apply to greenspace everywhere - or the lack of it as we manage, cultivate, move, change, and basically get rid of all "wild life" in our suburbs so we can have lawns like golf courses and our neighbors will let us know if we are allowing our shrubs to grow too freely.
It can also apply to painting. How many times have you wanted to conquer that particular painting - that blending of colors just so, that glazing that is perfection; when we should just let it do it's thing and enjoy it.
One of these days, I must meet Nina and walk with her on her property (if I get an invitation, of course). We don't live that far away!
Have a Colorful Day!


Nancy from Arizona said...

This is one of the best figures you have done. The job you did on the foreshortening and proportions are really good.


Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

I agree with Nancy, the anatomy and proportions are getting better and better. Very nicely done, even the chair is good. Admirable drawing going on here.

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks so much, Nancy and Susan, for your comments on this one! And I almost talked myself out of going that morning - just did not "feel" like drawing but once I got started, it all just flowed and there didn't seem to be any struggle. Sometimes the drawing gods are with you :)

RHCarpenter said...

Have to share this - I felt sorry for the 3 young girls who were on the other side with a full frontal view that was very well lit! We all walk around during the model's break, looking at everyone's work - one girl was doing just his face and another was just doing his face down to his chest and arms! ha ha Perhaps age helps you deal with these potentially uncomfortable situations better - it doesn't help that this model stares at you as you work if he is facing you!

teresa said...

Your figures are getting better and better Rhonda! I love the way you've managed proportions and shadings, it's awesome the shading work you've done in that area of the back right over the chair *clap clap clap*

Lolz, I couldn't help laughing at your comment about the full frontal and the poor girls having the model staring at them, hahaha, probably his payback, after all everybody there is ataring at him too XD


RHCarpenter said...

Hi, Teresa! Yes, I had to laugh. I no longer care but I imagine they were a bit intimidated.