Saturday, August 9, 2008

Carol Carter Workshop, Day 2 (Saturday)

Well, I'm going to tease you today - I'm not going to upload all the photos I have so far because I haven't resized them and don't want to download them this evening but I'll share a photo I took of Sandy and Carol the first day (in front of Carol's painting of a swimmer - see how the color just jumps out at you because it's just 2 mostly pure colors?).

Today, Carol did a demo right away on spheres and how to use color to shape them. She lets the color shape the object, not the value (although she does use value by dropping in darker color in places).

So - she drew the spheres and then she pre-wet the first one and using yellow she covered all but the outer rim. Next she took a red and with a smaller brush, she ran it around the rim on one half of the yellow sphere, letting it move inward to create an orange color. She helped it move in and around a bit and when she got that where she liked it, she took a smaller brush and ran around the other half of the rim with the blue, allowing it to move inward and blend with the yellow. So she had a sphere that was red, orange, yellow, green, blue when done. Sounds easy, doesn't it? Try it! Not so easy to keep that center clean and pure.

And she did this technique 3 times:

1 = with yellow as the body color and then red and blue around the rim

2 = with red as the body color and then yellow and blue around the rim

3 = with blue as the body color and then yellow and red around the rim

Then we went off to our stations and tried it :) Not as easy as it looked. But she was trying to show us, again, how color can be used to shape an object, to give it more depth and modeling.

So...that's all you get today - come back tomorrow (our last day of the workshop) and I may catch up and show more work from days 1 and 2 and 3 :)

Oh, we got to see a gorgeous slideshow this afternoon late of Carol's work from early days to current themes. She often works in a series and is working more to share messages than just painting well - her Belle Glade, Florida paintings and paintings of migrant workers in the cane fields of southern Florida show her passion for certain themes.

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