Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My First Award - From Suzanne

Gosh, I won my first blog award. As a thank you from Suzanne McDermott of Landscape Into Art, she has given out this little award to those people who have been supporting her 3 months of daily painting by checking her blog regularly and/or buying her artwork.

First Watercolor Workshop Artist of the Year, now this! What is 2008 going to hold? Well, it's going to see me turn 51 in a few days - eeek!!! But other than that, I'm looking forward to 2008. How about you?

And now for some artwork (thanks for being patient while I get back in the groove after a short trip away). Unfortunately, there was no "saving" this painting of the mermaids from a start that was a bad compositional design. So - no more on this. I can't make myself try harder without just starting over from scratch (which I might do after a break).

And since I spent all day in class on this, trying to work it out, I didn't get anything else done so just tweaked some stuff a bit that was almost done - like the noni plant (Sandy said to mute the edges a bit so the whole green isn't too much).

That's all for today. But tomorrow I start my Life Drawing class taught by Caren Hebenstreit, and I'll let you know how that goes and may have something to share. I've needed a little instruction for quite a while on figure drawing and hope this helps me get where I'm going.

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