Friday, January 25, 2008

Mary's Portrait - First Attempt

Well, honestly this may be the only attempt. I didn't get a good likeness, elongating her face more than it should be. But here's what I got. I need to watch Janet Rogers' dvd on portraits again and get back in the groove.

I'm planning a birthday portrait for myself, too, either this evening or tomorrow after open figure session.


Nava said...

It's not always about the likeness, as much as about the essence of the person. If Mary is the warm kind of person, then you've captured her!

And - when is your birthday?

Anonymous said...

Rhonda, if you are working from a photo, try copying it on the copier in black and white. Use a grid to transfer and do a strictly tonal portrait first. Happy belated Birthday. I've had a lot of success doing portraits this way. Joannie

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Nava :) Mary's son recognized her right away so it must look close - except I need to darken the eyes which are a deeper, darker brown, she says.
Joanie, this was from a black and white photo - the only one I have of her - but doing a grid would have helped me get the features more exact. I think I needed MORE COLOR! ha-ha