Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Colorful Drawings in My Moleskine

The Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society meeting is cancelled this morning due to the horrid cold and just enough snow on the roads to make driving in Mt. Adams treacherous - so I'll be home again (I'm beginning to feel like a bear hibernating!) and may start Myrna's January challenge.

I'm still studying 2 of my newest art books and getting lots of ideas while reading, absorbing new information, and then sketching in my Moleskine when I want a break. The Moleskine has very smooth paper and so far I've just sketched in graphite and then gone over it with the Elegant Writer pens (the bright, vibrant colors) and the Inktense pencils (a bit more muted). I put a bit of water on the heart lock to blend the color more and the EW's wet and blend well. The paper won't take a lot of water but a nice wash works okay. Now I need to get in with the graphite or conte sticks and blending to see how it goes. So far, so good - plus it's lighter weight and thinner than my Exacompta so fits in my purse easier (I have a big purse!).
What I've done so far:
1) From a photo taken by Jerry in Scotland - a blue lock that was rusted and interesting and shaped like a heart. I love that photo and wanted to try a sketch of it and see if I could get the color and texture.

2) A sketch of a field of lavender (took a photo of the scene from the movie, Perfume) + the flat plate and candles (apple and blueberry) I bought my sister-in-law for Christmas (I liked it so much I almost kept it but didn't - but I did take a photo before wrapping it).


Sandy Maudlin said...

looks like a good start for the new year. KEEP WARM. We're headed to Jerry's Artarama to buy some YUPO:-)))

Nava said...

I like these a lot, Rhonda!! you got some nice textures in there.

You really make me want to get back to sketching more in my sketchbook, not just when I go away.

Nick said...

This must be Multimedia Central of the blog world! I saw lots of stuff flashing on and off, and seductive "play" buttons, colorful text, and I think I heard someone yell "step right up!"
I'm keeping my wallet in the front pocket...
But I'm seeing quite a diverse selection of work and experimentation, and that's where it's at Rhonda! Happy New Year...don't make any resolutions that you plan to keep...makes the rest of us look bad.

RHCarpenter said...

Keeping warm, Sandy! Trying, anyway. Enjoy the painting and the new yupo :)
Nava, the moleskine is working out well but I still want to grab that Exacompta - it just has such great texture! ha-ha
Nicky!! So happy you stopped in. You leave that wallet at home, sir, as I think I still owe you that million $ advance, right - it is, as they say, in the mail! hee-hee I think Experiment might be my middle name but since it starts with an "H" it must be HEXperiment! No resolutions other than the same one each year - to become a better person than I was the previous year (I'm really working on it).

Claudia said...

Thank you, Rhonda, for your visit on my blog! All the best for 2008, too!