Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Class Work - Shape/Cruciform/Cerulean Blue

Well, no one but Ritzy understood the instructions Sandy gave us were to paint the thing before coming to class so we all came with work-ups of the painting but nothing started. I had my value scale and then the cruciform shape set out in darks and then the photo traced on the wc paper. So...laying in the unifying color (Cerulean Blue)thoughout a lot of the painting, I waited for that to dry and then put in the darks using a mix of Quin Magenta, Quin Burnt Orange, Indanthrone Blue and Ultramarine Turquoise. Put my cruciform shape in with those colors very dark.
Then all I had to do was keep the whites and bring in the mid-values and colors.

Sandy said she was proud of me for sitting and thinking long and not rushing in - but really I was just too tired to paint today so was resting :) Thanks to everyone who helped me work this one out and gave good critiques in class!

Now, time for a nap!


Ann Buckner said...

Lovely lights and darks already Rhonda. Looking forward to seeing your work on this one.

Dawn said...

I really like this painting Rhonda! glad I am not the only one that needs a nap after class somedays.

Suzanne said...

Thanks for posting this and for the explanation with palette. It looks great.

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Ann, Dawn and Suzanne. It's done - no more to do. The painting was supposed to be about Shapes with a Cruciform Design and a Unifying Color of Cerulean Blue. I think I accomplished what the guidelines were in this one and now have to have another finished (with new guidelines chosen) by next Tuesday! Yikes!!