Thursday, January 24, 2008

Busy Day so Far...

Another day, another migraine! UGH!!! Maybe it was the change in routine as I had to do without my coffee and oatmeal this morning in order to get some bloodwork and other tests done. All seems fine and I'll know more when I get the results - it's just routine stuff. Other than legs that ache all the time, I'm doing well for an old broad! ha-ha

After the tests, I talked Jerry into driving to Norwood's Speckled Bird Cafe to see the artwork of Rebecca Weller ( there - she's doing bird motifs and still Asian-inspired work and has sold a few smaller pieces. All interesting color combinations and texture and several pieces I wish I could have. I do wish the cafe had more wall space to show more of her work. She is a wonderful artist with so much talent and style. (I had a lovely quiche and a warm and frothy cut of mocha latte surrounded by her work - yummmmm. )
I also did my regular check on the Cincinnati Enquirer artblog ( to see what's up in our area and came upon an article about Emil Robinson and his work in London - yes, he's left us for London for now. He won a nice grant that will help out immensely, I'm sure. Emil paints and draws like an angel (he was in my Tuesday night figure drawing session through Manifest Gallery). You can check out the article online - scroll down to the 2nd entry there.

If I get rid of the headache pain today, I will draw and paint. If not, I may just sit still and try to not think about it...and just look at the artwork of others.

I have begun work on the challenge Sandy has given her Tuesday class. I drew these elements out of the hat:
1. Shape
2. Cruciform
3. Cerulean Blue
So my painting has to be a cruciform structure and the painting has to be more about shape than anything else and cerulean blue has to thread throughout the painting of be glazed over or under the painting - somehow tying it all together. Many artists call this the "mother color" but I don't care for that term and just say unifying color since that explains better what it means - it unifies the painting.
Here's what I have so far:

And the drawing, ready to place color on - but not today.


Ann Buckner said...

Hope the migraine eases quickly. I like where you are going with your cruciform painting. Such fun to see all the things you are doing in yor classes.

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

You are having too many migraines lately! I hope that eases for you or that you find out why you are getting so many.

Congratulations on your planning for this painting. I think it has to be a wonderful painting in the end with all this pre-work you are doing. The drawing looks good so far and I look forward to seeing the color start appearing, and how you work in that cerulean color.

BTW...the comment page works on my blog now, it reappeared just as mysteriously as it disappeared!

Take care...Susan

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Ann and Susan. Yep, 2 in 2 days is 2 many! ha-ha Better today as far as headache but tired (migraines always make me tired the day after). Tomorrow will be better! Susan, aren't computers just wonderful? I haven't a clue how such things work, don't work, and then work again without doing anything.