Thursday, August 2, 2007

Thursday, August 2, 2007 - My Sweetie's Birthday!

Today is Jerry's birthday!!! Since my order for him (the dvd set of Art Wolfe's "Travels to the Edge" and a couple of his photography books) won't be in today :( we'll have to do something to celebrate - maybe a meal out and some cake. We will have a better celebration Sunday with family with a meal, cake and ice cream and presents.

We had a new model Tuesday night. This is the graphite sketch I did (on 14" x 17" Aquabee sketch paper).

I talked to Emil Robinson about drawing lessons/tutoring but he doesn't have time as he's teaching a class at UC and also planning a long trip away to London in the fall. Until I find a good class that is recommended by someone or someone who is willing to do tutoring, I'm just struggling on my own but Jerry said my drawings are getting better. Of course, you don't know if they are correct or not since you don't see the model's position but I think this was pretty close. In the second one, I just focused more on her face after her break (so she was turned a bit more than the first one). And in this one I may have not gotten the foreshortening right because I think her legs were actually larger because they were the closest elements to me when she was lying in that position.
A couple of the guys were talking about liking to draw the female models but not the male models. I wonder why that is? I, too, prefer the female forms unless the male is in good shape and has good muscle structure. Maybe the female forms are more flowing and less intimidating (especially to the males in the group who greatly outnumber the females in the group). This model was new and she had really developed calve muscles and was fit without being muscled and had gorgeous red hair which made me want to add color but I think I should stick to the black and white in the session. I may add a touch of red here at home to give her some color.


Watercolors by Susan Roper said...


These are your best yet! They have more grace and less angularity (I am not sure that I said that in necessarily artistic terms)than any I have seen of yours. You are, indeed, progressing in your journey! I admire your persistence in increasing your drawing skills.


Anonymous said...

What a marked improvement in your observation skills AND you execution. uch expression! BEAUTIFUL.
Keep up the great work.

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks Susan and Sandy :) That's the purpose of these sessions - to learn to see better and then convey the seeing onto the paper. Another year or two and I might just be good! ha-ha

Deborah A. Léger said...

Happy Birthday, Jerry! (For a minute, I thought that was a portrait you did of him laying there! When's he going to pose for you?) You are definitely improving in leaps and bounds! These are both super. I can feel your frustration in the lack of life drawing classes - I can't find any here either. I might have to start driving to Montreal or Ottawa again. Great stuff!


RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Deb. You'd think there would be plenty of drawing instructors here locally but the ones that are good are busy teaching 1/2 dozen classes. Jerry offers to pose for me all the time so I took him up on it - he makes a lousy model, not being able to hold a pose for more than 5 minutes without shifting! ha-ha