Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Tuesday, June 5, 2007 - Class Today

Sandy's critique of my Towne landscape was it had no color harmony - d'uh! I knew that so why did I paint it that way?

So...worked on a new one and even reworked the first one, cropping it and making the ice mountains just rocks and putting some browns in with the greens, some greens in with the browns, etc.

I like it better small and cropped but I really like the second new version - I just took the misket off so the whites aren't touched yet and I may leave them that way. But no time now - have to get ready for figure study group tonight.


Anonymous said...

VERY STRIKING! And a very good job:-) It may well be finished. Bring it tomorrow fopr critique at the w/c society??? Would be a good example of a great way to learn, too. Hope class tonight was good. I'm just now finishing the stuff for tomorrow so I needed all the time I had.


RHCarpenter said...

Sorry, Sandy - didn't read this before going to the wc society - sure didn't check it on Tues night after figure drawing - was dragging but it was worth it!