Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thursday, June 14, 2007 - Finishing Some Watercolors

Had the pouring rain paintings (2) to finish. I hate things being left undone. Although I often go on to something else, I do try to go back and finish things I have set aside.
Sometimes, setting things aside helps you gather your momentum again for the next step. I hoped that would have happened - but that big tree in the second one looks horrid. I definitely need more tree study :)

But I do like how the peony is coming along - does it need the pale green to be more muted? I think I've fallen in love with the greens rather than the petals - so time to break the relationship and just go in and darken and dull it down! It is so much fun working on Arches hotpress paper with a bit of oxgall liquid in my water bucket to make the surface tension of the paper release - the paint just explodes over the surface of the paper with this stuff. And no hard edges where you don't want them. I think the sky needs to be more blue - IRL, it is more blue but it could be even more so against those pinks and purples, I think.

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