Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday, June 24, 2007 - Busy, But...

Yesterday was the group birthday party here and today was my mother's birthday at her house, so I've been busy...
...but did some revisions on this pastel from the Tuesday night open figure session. I like the softness of the Rembrandt soft pastels much better than the pastel pencils I used in the session. But maybe a mix of both would work better - or I just need to learn to use the pencils in a lighter way - some of the other artists get some great work out of them, I know. I just ordered 2 books of anatomy for artists as I need to learn how the body looks - the bones under the muscles, the muscles under the weight, etc. to get the shapes, sizes, shadowing, etc. correct. Much work to do.
And, I just discovered that a young man in the open figure sessions, Emil Robinson, was featured in American Artist magazine in April 2007! His oil paintings and his sketches are lovely. Check it out online here:

And if you get the magazine, check out his work in the April 2007 issue.

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