Saturday, June 9, 2007

Saturday, June 9, 2007 - Pounding Rain Painting in Watercolor

My painting friends and I (Hi, Ann, Deb, Paulette, and Teresa!) have decided to do this one in watercolor and in acrylic. Now I know next to nothing about acrylic plus I only have a few colors so...I started the watercolor first and may not do an acrylic painting at all - maybe am opaque watercolor painting instead...will think about it.

Here is my first try - I hope I've worked out that the man (or have I turned him into a female in this painting?) is not centered, and there is a dominance in the painting - perhaps vertical? I know one thing - I don't like the green at all and the traffic signal needs to be paler to be pushed back a bit. I think all the concrete parts do look wet, though - and no one so far likes the walkway and wants it changed so will think about that with the second try.

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