Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Well, everything's closed because we got our first winter storm. The whole country has been suffering and now winter is here. It's only 2-4 inches around the area so I imagine things will be back to normal tomorrow - but I have to tell you, I didn't miss the snow and ice at all. It was nice pretending to live in Florida while we were having 50-60F temps all during November and December.

And I painted this thing.

It's not what I had in my mind at all, wanting to do it much more loose and spare of brushstrokes. Worked on it about 1/2 hour too long. I began with a light sketch on the paper (Fabriano Uno rough white 140#) and then laid in the first colors with a 1 inch hake brush (a gift from my artist friend, Mohan several year's ago) and a No. 7 round (Cheap Joe's). I cropped too much off the top and left side so now it's square - a definite no-no. Will try again. Waterlilies are hard to paint and I don't do landscapes well so I'm torturing myself...

The statue is of Jiso, protector of travellers and women, and was taken this past fall at Furnace Mountain, a Zen Buddhist retreat center.

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