Thursday, January 4, 2007

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Another masa paper start. This one was done by tracing the cottage on the masa paper, then painting the sky and shadowed rocky fence. Then I crumpled it, put it in water and squeezed it more, taking it out of the water and squeezing more to get more wrinkles. But I think the sky is too textured and rough. So a good friend - and a smart man - said, "Wet the back of the masa paper, put it face down on an ironing board and iron it with a warm iron." That's what I'll do before going any further on it.

Here is is, again, with the sky ironed out a bit.

The photo of the Irish cottage was taken by Miriam Coulter, an artist who was in an online watercolor group, a long time ago and shared this photo. This photo was also used by a dear artist friend, Mohan - see his version and the rest of his beautiful work at

I've also done more layers on the leaves and berries painting but the elephant will sit patiently (I hope) and wait for me to decide how to finish it off and blend that white in the upper face more so it's not so bossy. With this version, I've just begun to add in some Quinacridone Coral either mixed with New Gamboge in the palette or pure on the paper.

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