Friday, January 26, 2007

Friday, January 26, 2007

Well, today I turned 50.

Turning 30 didn't bother me at all and turning 40 didn't give me any concerns but turning 50 - well, there is just something about that number that seems like, yep, it's all real and you, too, are getting old...

And I can see it coming up fast in the mirror so was feeling a bit down when Jerry said, "Let's go to the bookstore." So we stopped in Border's Bookstore and I got 2 art books (one on drawing portraits from photos that looks like a great find), and then to search for a new winter robe. Note to self: If you're feeling old, don't go into Victoria's Secret and think you will come out of there feeling anything but older!

Found my winter robe at another store - a beautiful cobalt blue robe that is cotton and bamboo (don't ask me how they do it, that's just what the tag said) and then I was smitten with this little beautiful kimono-like red robe and...well...I walked away from it, being the sensible woman I am. I walked back and lovingly touched it again, and Jerry bought it for me. Let me tell you, it perked me right up enough to come home and put on my geisha makeup and my robe and new black slippers and it may not have made me feel 30 again but not so bad for an "old broad." :)

the sleeves?

And thanks to Jenny, Mom, Millie, Mac and Sandy; Ann, Floyd, Gina and Sandy Maudlin; and China for all the birthday rememberances today. Thanks, too, to Lama, Haven, Talon, and Achara from my Buddhist Sangha; and thanks to my buddy, Ron, for the beautiful iris painting :)


Debi said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Awesome robe, too!

p.s. from your photo, I would have never guessed that you were 50

sunnyhoney_colorlover said...

your new red robe is very nice and you look like a beautiful flower in it.but younger than50.i enjoy looking ur drawins.

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks so much, Debi and sunnyhoney, for your nice comments :) Stay tuned for more sketches - and a few watercolor paintings thrown in, too (can't stop painting :)

Michelle Himes said...

Happy Birthday Rhonda! Hey, if you think 50 is bad, wait until you reach 60 - I will be 62 in March.

I love your robe, what a great hubby to buy it for you. I love the sleeves.