Wednesday, July 21, 2021



In the Angela Fehr workshop, Heart-led Landscapes, she does a video each week and takes us on a journey of exploring how to paint landscapes and all the elements.  She suggests we paint two versions of the scene and does it - we can follow along to learn and then use what we’ve learned in our own works.  These two are from a photo she took in Ireland and neither her paintings nor mine look anything like the photo - but that’s the idea.  No one sees the photo but us…and then we can do what we want with it, leaving parts in, taking parts out, using colors that speak to us.  

I like this one best.  But still, just a practice piece playing with colors and shapes.  I will need to paint many more trees before I feel comfortable painting trees.


laura said...

You are really entering into the spirit of Angela's lessons, which is wonderful to see. It's not easy!
These are both lovely, like dreamscapes!

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks so much, Laura! I am trying, but now the course is over (I thought it was 6 weeks but it was just 4 weeks). So I’ll have to continue on in this way if I want to improve.