Tuesday, May 11, 2021


Just some nature photos from our local Lakeside Garden - owned and run and planted by the UK Extension Center.  The volunteer workers there are always showing off great stuff.

Right now, the peonies have begun to bloom, as have the iris and some interesing columbines I’d never seen.  

Sweetie and I like to meet daughter, Jen and son-in-law Chris for a lunch meeting and a walk around to see what’s blooming in pretty days.  Every week something new is popping up so it’s always an adventure with lots of photos being taken.  

The garden has a small koi pond, too, and they always raise up their heads when you walk close to see if they are going to get food :) 

These are the columbines I’ve never seen.  I’ve only ever seen the skinny ones with one or two shooting-star flowers in orange.  This was a huge bunch.

Hope you enjoyed the walk with us!


Jennifer Rose said...

very pretty flowers, love the pink peonies 😀

RH Carpenter said...

Yeah, Jennifer,the flowers are alway so pretty there at the center - And it’s free to go in and walk around and see what’s blooming any time of the year. Even has a large pond with ducks and geese (babies getting bigger now from being little fluff balls) and a gazebo, several benches to sit and enjoy, meditate, or eat a bag lunch. A great place to visit once or twice a month.

laura said...

My columbines, which are usually just a few flowers rising above the leaves, are just like these this year: a big clump! But it seems to me everything in my yard is extra vivacious this year; can only assume conditions this winter were conducive!