Thursday, December 17, 2020


These are not new paintings - but found them when sorting through paintings to trash or keep in a large folder.  

So, in case you don’t get any prettily wrapped presents this year, here are a couple for you today (more to come later).  

I am just about done with FB other than a quick peek now and then so may be more active here in the coming year. 


laura said...

Charming: the idea and the execution.
I got off FB a while ago and the only thing I miss is the art groups!
Have you tried Instagram? I like it.

RH Carpenter said...

I haven’t tried instagram but might...I would miss the art on FB but maybe those same folks are doing instagram. I think I’m just so tired of 2020 that I could just skip Christmas this year and do a reboot for next year! Maybe we all need a reboot - or a hibernation until spring 2021 :)

Jennifer Rose said...

I hardly ever use facebook, only when someone message me do i go see whats up lol

RH Carpenter said...

Seems like most people have left FB, Jennifer. I’m thinking about it, too, or at least not going there often. This time of year, I start to wonder why I can’t just go into my little art room and create without trying to get feedback and certainly not the instant LIKEs FB thrives on.