Monday, November 25, 2019


I admit, I was missing some color in the Val Webb online course using graphite and carbon pencil.  So I just had to add some color to his leaf :)

The goal for this drawing was to make the little beetle look shiny.  

I am having some issues with my neck and shoulders so taking more breaks and moving through things slower.  And haven't really worked on the gouache any so need to get back to that!  And then I hear there's a holiday season coming!!!


Chris Lally said...

Well, you've certainly achieved your goal, Rhonda! He's a beauty!
Sorry to hear about your neck and shoulder issues. Hope a little more TLC will bring you back to good as new:)

Jennifer Rose said...

def looks shiny to me :)

Debbie Nolan said...

I think Rhonda you did a gorgeous job with making him shiny and the green leaf is the perfect touch. Sorry to read about your neck and shoulders. Take care of yourself friend. Yes the Christmas season is beginning. I try not to think about it until after Thanksgiving weekend. Hope yours was great. Hugs!

Caroline Simmill said...

Wonderful work Rhonda you really have captured the beetles shiny shell! Ah neck and shoulder problems they are an old friend to me! Take life in the slow lane and relax, it really does help. Watch the posture when creating artwork! Hope you feel better soon!

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks so much, Chris, Jennifer, Debbie and Caroline! I was thrilled that Val put this up on our Facebook group page as the cover!! There are so many good artists in the group (all taking various lessons from Val) that I was amazed and happy to see it there!!