Sunday, December 9, 2012


Where do the days go?
When I began this blog, it was important (to me) to post something every single day.  
Now, not so much.  But still, I start to feel lazy if I haven't posted anything for a couple of days.
Of course, this time of year finds one
putting up the tree and getting out the decorations
buying presents
wrapping presents
researching presents online
emailing friends
receiving and sending Christmas cards
planning lessons for my beginner students
painting things for my lessons
exercising (well, I'm trying to make it a routine - we'll see what happens)
reading (my mother loaned me her Ken Follett books from the Century Trilogy and I am hooked)
raking the last of the leaves (I hope)
going to soccer games (Alaina's game last night began at 8:40 and the next one begins at 9:30 - pretty late for a bunch of 10-12 year olds)
baking cookies (for holiday parties)
visiting with my little sister (who turns 50 today!!) to give her presents
going to the hospital for MRIs and ultrasound tests (hopefully, this is a minor thing and I'll tell you about it if it becomes something more) so that adds more
phone conversations with doctor's office and insurance company and hospital

When you add it all up, I can see why I have started some drawings for more Christmas cards but haven't painted a thing since Sunday of last week.

I hope your weekend finds you well, happy, enjoying the warmer weather (and not too wet) that is around right now.  
Perhaps you went to an art show this weekend?  I'm planning to see the Colored Pencil show at "The Barn" in Mariemont this coming week. Maybe you'd like to go?  Or perhaps go over to Manifest Gallery and see their latest exhibitions.  And I think the Cincinnati Art Club is still having their weekend art sale this coming weekend.  So much to see, so much to do.  December is a busy month!


Vandy said...

Oh how true this is, Rhonda. Somehow our days are packed with more things every year.

I have such good intentions about blogging - but somehow I seldom manage to maintain the frequency of my posts when life get busier. And the same applies to painting - days and weeks go by when I don't pick up my brushes, but I guess the flip side is that I appreciate the time I do get to feed my creative brain.

I hope your medical tests all go well.

Autumn Leaves said...

December is indeed a busy month! I hope all your tests prove to be normal, Rhonda. I'm sure you are worrying.

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Rhonda - December can be at its best a bit overwhelming then when you add health issues it can even become stressful. I will be praying your tests are absolutely fine. Take care my friend and enjoy your art show.

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks so much, Vandy, Sherry and Debbie! I think everything is going to be okay, physically; now, mentally, maybe not so much! ha ha

renate said...

Hello Rhonda:) I'm getting tired by only reading all that you are doing!! Ask Santa if the days can 24 hours longer:)) I hope you still enjoy everything!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rhonda!
Thanks for posting about the colored pencil show-GREAT work! If I had been up to date with my reading, I could have gone last week on my vacation-I better hurry up and check to see how long it is up!
I hope YOU are okay-MRI's and ultrasounds? Hopefully this is over now and your results are all GOOD! love, Jane