Friday, July 20, 2012


I have been a follower and enthralled viewer of David Lobenberg's art blog for some time now.  He always amazes me and pushes me to work harder to achieve better paintings.  His use of color is exciting.  However, his mastery of the medium of watercolor stems from his ability to see the correct values and shapes in anything he paints. 

In his new DVD, David shares some of his techniques in painting portraits using a single color.  He has us step away from color which can be overwhelming, and asks us to stop and truly see the shapes and values in a portrait.  He walks us through steps he uses to create portraits, allowing the Payne's Gray (Winsor Newton) to flow and do a lot of the work for him. 

(David loves watercolor and the flow of it, and it shows in the way he handles the medium.)

In the DVD, David discusses value/tone, shapes, squinting to see values better, stopping points in a painting, and many other things you need to know to paint well in watercolor.  In other words, while he is painting, he's giving us some very valuable tools to keep in our watercolor toolkit!

Many artists can paint with watercolor.  Some people who paint can also teach.  David is a born teacher and that is an added plus for this DVD.  He is relaxed and informative in the DVD, allowing us to look over his shoulder as he paints a portrait in 3-4 steps.  He gives us good information to carry with us through all our watercolor paintings.  He even includes a copy of the photograph he's using in the DVD so we can use it in our own effort - or copy it in black and white and enlarge it and use it to start right away to use the techniques David shares. 

I highly recommend this DVD!!!

For information on purchasing, contact David Lobenberg here.  Tell him Rhonda sent you! 

(I am not affiliated with Professor Lobenberg and get no commission or "kick-backs" from any sales.)

I'll be sharing my attempt at this painting soon.


hw (hallie) farber said...

I follow and love his work, too. Plus, his blog has humor--love it.

Autumn Leaves said...

I also love David's work. Bought one of his books myself.

Arena Shawn said...

Thanks a lot for sharing this on your blog! I followed your recommendation and borrowed the DVD from one friend, and I am learning a lot from it! I will get it myself and it's a great step for me since I am always intimidated by portrait painting...

RH Carpenter said...

Yes, Hallie, I like his sense of humor and his humility about his skill and talent, too :)

Sherry, I might have to get a book, too!

Arena, glad you could borrow this and liked it so much, you'll get a copy of your own. It's well worth adding to your library. And something you can always go back to and watch again and gain more information from each time!