Sunday, December 19, 2010


I've decided that the weekend is a good time to send you to other blogs to check out some art you may not otherwise see.  And I've been getting some new followers recently - which is thrilling!!  I'm up past 80 now and I secretly had that as my goal for the end of the year so yay!!!

Anyway, enough about me....ha ha

As I click on the followers link, I see some new faces - which means new blogs!!

Now how could I resist checking out The Art of the Dance is Like Chocolate, Myra Anderson's blog???  Her work with ballerinas can be found here:
From what I've read, she got a set of watercolor paints and hasn't opened them yet!!!  So you'll see graphite sketches, crayon drawings, a bit of mixed media with markers, etc.  Some of her best work I've seen as I looked at the first few offerings are the ones with super bold color and a beautiful rhythm to the paint - she has an artistic eye, definitely!  I do hope she opens those watercolors and gives them a try, though :)

And how about stopping over to see the work of Carrie Waller at
If the painting on her first post doesn't knock your socks off, I don't know of anything that will.  Carrie paints like an "old master" and her watercolors look as rich and deep as oil paintings.  She knows her stuff and the subjects in her paintings seem so dimensional and real, you feel you can pick them off the page! 

Again, two very different artists but both work checking out and enjoying over a nice warm cup this morning!

And again, thank you to everyone who visits my blog, to takes a moment to comment on something I've posted, and who returns to see what I'm up to next time!  I appreciate all my regular and loyal friends and artists who I count on to tell me the good and the bad - and I enjoy seeing new viewers coming around, too!

And can you believe it - only 6 more days until Christmas???


William K. Moore said...

Cool techniques that have resulted in excellent results. Why not paint like you're having an adventure?

RH Carpenter said...

Glad you like the experiments, Bill. Painting is always an adventure but sometimes the control freak in me wins out!

myra anderson said...

thank you very much! you made my day! i will be opening those watercolors soon . . . i think!