Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I planned to paint something today.  But I got a migraine instead.

So here are a couple of little sketches (5.5" x 6.5") just to do something creative. 

They may become portrait paintings later.


jgr said...

Hi Rhonda,
So sorry to hear of your migraine! Nice sketches though in spite of it. I'm sending you some healing thoughts and a prayer too.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Sorry Rhonda about the migraine. You have my sympathies as I got one yesterday but fortunately was back home and just relaxed for the day. See you've changed your header - something one can meditate with. All the best for the New Year.

RH Carpenter said...

Jane and Joan, I think any barometer change right now affects my headaches plus too much chocolate goodies still around the house I keep munching on - have got to seriously stop eating junk and get back to my healthy eating!!
Joan, glad you like the new header. It's a photo but I was getting tired of the old header so...new year, new banner!
Thanks for the healing thoughts and prayers, Jane :) I haven't really felt well for weeks with various minor ailments getting me down but I'll be fine as soon as spring arrives! ha ha

debwardart said...

Love these sketches. How about a line drawing and just tint them with w/c rather than a w/c painting??? Sorry you've got the winter blahs - maybe this sunny day will help!

RH Carpenter said...

You have sun in Indiana? There is nothing but grey skies here - looks like it's going to rain or snow or something. I always get the winter blahs and slow down in my painting and drawing so nothing new. And only 2 more months to go! I've got something on the back burner with the ravens I photographed in Yellowstone...we'll see what shakes loose.

Barb Sailor said...

I also like the new header - the colors are beautifully intense. I am sorry about your migraine - the barometer affects my osteo-arthritis - it is terrible to be so affected by the weather. Time for me to take some Aleve. We had sun today - I should feel better:(
I like your little pencil portraits.

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Barb. Sorry about your arthritis. With me, it's all in my head (in more ways than one!). It will be fine tomorrow or the next day, I'm sure - migraines don't put me down in bed with the curtains closed like they used to do.