Thursday, January 11, 2018


This weather is getting to be too much!!  Cold cold cold.  I thought "they" predicted a mild winter, and it looks like no one is having a truly mild winter with snow where there shouldn't be snow and ice and coldly, bitterly awful temperatures for days and days in places where it should be warmer.  OK, that's my rant.  

But it has been too cold to do much beside curl up and read some of the new books I got for Christmas, so that's what I've been doing. 

Which means no painting right now but I'm still on my Year of the Bird challenge to myself to see how many birds I can paint this year.  Off to a pretty good start but stalled out right now (frozen out?).

This book was gifted to me by the author, Phyllis Chandler Grey, whom we met back in December in Anna Maria.  She has these books about AMI for sale around the island and online (Amazon).  They have some beautiful photos inside of birds, beaches, homes, etc. on the island - and she gave me permission to use any of the bird photos for potential paintings!  I will do that and send her a copy or a small painting of one of the photos.  Thanks, Phyllis!!  Hope to see you again soon.

For now, I've begun painting one of the Royal Tern photos she has in the book and I'll show that soon.  These are the birds I call Elvis birds because of their jet black "hair" on their heads.


Barbra Joan said...

Yes, you have every right to rant!! I've been doing that for days now. Am I going to have to further south? It's not even warmer there. I feel stalled also because I'm not used to weather that I have to ever think about wearing something warm... Oh, we Floridians are so spoiled. LOL !

Chris Lally said...

How generous of Phyllis Grey, Rhonda! Can't wait to meet Elvis.

RH Carpenter said...

Ah, you can always tell the natives from the snowbirds, Barbra Joan: The snowbirds are out in tee shirts and shorts in 60 degree weather and the natives are in coats and scarves! I guess "cold" is relative to what you are used to in a normal year :)

Yes, Chris, how generous and giving she was. I hope I can paint a good version of her photo for her.

Lisa Greenbow said...

As you keep mentioning your challenge of 'The Year of the Birds' it is about to get me going painting birds. Birding is what I do a lot of. I should get busy with my paints. I haven't been painting much lately. Your enthusiasm is encouraging.

Studio at the Farm said...

Rhonda, you are more certainly entitled to a rant!! The winter is miserable. It's good that you have all those books to keep you company. [I love reading, too.] We've both been doing a fair number of bird paintings lately [also working on a largish landscape painting commission for a friend] When the weather improves - SOON, I hope - I'd like to visit a friend of a friend who breeds and shows chickens. Apparently they are beauties, and his farm is star of the art. In the meantime, stay safe and warm!!!


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

I paint/draw more when its cold lol when its warm all I want to do is lay around doing nothing

looks like a really nice book :)

Caroline Simmill said...

Looks a great book Rhonda and one to read by the warmth of the fire. We had some icy weather at the beginning of the week but so far the temperatures are well above freezing. I am finding the cold weather a bit much making me feel quite melancholy, but the good news is that the longer days and Spring time is only just around the corner. Just need to be patient and wait quietly in the cool shadows of winter.