Monday, December 14, 2015


After a two-week sojourn to Anna Maria Island in Florida recently, we return to 70F all weekend!  And hear of flooding and torrential rains in the west coast.  The weather patterns are certainly moving in strange ways lately.  

We were due to have a large ash tree cut down this morning. It's very very close to our house and the neighbor's house and it was worrying us - with winter coming and windy conditions, we didn't want a large limb falling on either roof.  So after a gorgeous warm sunny 70F weekend, we get rain and rain and rain today :(  

So what are you gonna do?  

Share photos taken from our trip to Florida!

The drive from Tampa to Anna Maria Island takes us over the Skyway Bridge just south of St. Pete.  An amazing structure we can see from the beach on AMI.  It does look like we're driving up and up into...what???

Our first morning in the house on North Shore.  Warm, golden sun hitting the sand, the trees, and the Rod and Reel Pier.  The house we stayed in the first week was between the Rod and Reel Pier and the Anna Maria City Pier so good views on either side while sitting out and watching the birds.  

Unfortunately, the red tide (an algal growth that kills fish and is not healthy for humans, either) was making the rounds in Tampa Bay and all the way down to AMI every day we were there.  First time we've ever seen dead fish on the beaches - and the turkey vultures were abundant, taking advantage of the excess.  As long as the wind was up (and it was every day but 2), Sweetie and I got tickles in our throats from whatever was kicking up in the air :(  But still some crazy tourists swimming in the bay!!! thank you.  

During the second week, things settled down a bit and the air was not quite so bad to breathe.  You could see the difference in the number of birds and fishermen/women at the Anna Maria City Pier.  Many great blue herons, great white egrets, snowy egrets (they have the golden slippers), terns and gulls out.  Only a few pelicans this whole trip.

We've never eaten in the restaurant but are told it's pretty good - and the birds like to hang out and wait for the fishermen/women to bring up something nice.

Big Blue visited our part of the beach every day, morning and evening.  He could catch and swallow some pretty big fish!!

I'm not crabby to be home.  It's still warm and nice and unbelievable for December in Kentucky!  I left this little crab shell behind but I'm sure I'll find more when I return next year.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

idiots swimming in it, *shakes head at them*

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Rhonda,
Sounds like a wonderful trip! Thanks for sharing the photos. The area certainly has a wide variety of birds to enjoy, and I especially liked the crab--and your punny joke.
Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the warm weather while you can!!

E.M. Corsa said...

I just love seeing pics of your life. It helps me know you better. Great pics Rhonda. Thank you for sharing your vacation.

RH Carpenter said...

Yeah, I don't know what's wrong with people who put themselves at risk for a little fun, Jennifer Rose - I didn't even want the waves washing up on my feet when I was walking on the beach!

Thanks, Gary - I know this sun and fun is an every day occurrence for you, but it really is something (for a short while) for me once I can unwind and just relax (but I often find myself missing my little art room and all my stuff! ha ha

Glad you enjoyed them Elizabeth. Have a great week...are you counting down the days to Christmas?

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Oh how I have enjoyed those gorgeous sunny photos! I love beaches in all weather but we are having blah grey, breezy, cold weather here and it feels so dark all the time. I can't wait to get the shortest day out of the way now. Your post has cheered me up no end. That crab....what a cutie!

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Lisa :) Glad you enjoyed the sunny photos - it definitely was warm and sunny the whole time. You are welcome to paint or use the crab - I can send you a larger version, if you'd like.