Friday, January 31, 2014


The great white egret painting came along so easily.  And then this thing was a struggle all the way because of the wire it was hanging on - and those little pinkist grey feet.

Perhaps I just didn't think it through before painting it.  Again, no drawing, just painted the bird and then what was around it - bits of a trellis he was holding onto.  I didn't give the trellis any depth or roundness.  So cut it off at the top.

When it doubt, crop it out!

This would have been 11" x 15" but with the crop off the top, perhaps it's more like 11" x 11"??  A little male goldfish in the autumn when his feathers were beginning to go duller than the bright gold of summer.


Novice Naturalist said...

Looks like a flying trapeze goldfish. I quite like it!

RH Carpenter said...

Novice, you're right - perhaps a circus finch :)

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Rhonda - I think bird's feet are so hard - I often hide mine in the weeds or behind a leaf (LOL). You are doing wonderful painting without drawing. Have a lovely week end.

laura said...

I like it too--it has a decorative/folkish quality. The tiny pink feet are very whimsical!
And the yellow is very appealing to me!
You're doing great, diverse work with these undrawn bird paintings, Rhonda!

Katherine Harra said...

May I say it? No,I don't think it's your best result, although I won't say not your best effort, because I'm sure you worked hard on it. The great ones DO come easily (like your egret). And you've had plenty of those recently! So. Are you going to try the same one again? Or move on?

CrimsonLeaves said...

I think he is a beauty, Rhonda. Love that curled tendril of vine he is on as well.

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Debbie and Laura :)

Katherine, thanks for being so direct and honest - it isn't my best effort, that's for sure! ha ha I will try him again.

Thanks, Sherry. He's sitting on a curled metal part of a trellis we have over the steps on our deck. They like to sit on the little bits and then you can really see their tiny feet.