Sunday, January 12, 2014


There's nothing that will stop you in your tracks like a male cardinal's colors shining in the sunlight.

I've always been told that the call of the cardinal is:
"Pretty pretty pretty!'  

Guess they know they are something else! 

I've been hearing crows every morning - but haven't been seeing them.  Maybe time to do a few more crow paintings along with all these other birds.


hw (hallie) farber said...

Cardinals are beautiful and bright--beautiful photos. They treated me to a show earlier this year. Mr. Cardinal would bring his kids to the front porch around 6 p.m. and they'd enjoy my dog's leftover piece of bacon treat--very noisy. Mr. Cardinal looked very haggard; I hadn't realized he takes care of the kids while Mrs. Cardinal has another brood (thanks to Google).

Lorraine Brown said...

What a gorgeous bird and a ready made composition. We don't have the Cardinals here, I'd love to see one

Carol Flatt said...

Rhonda, those cardinals grab me every time! Love your photos. Nature just makes me marvel sometimes! These photos made my day!

Joyce Washor said...

And the red looks magnificent surrounded by grays!
I'm reading "The Goldfinch" so have birds on my mind too! Good project!

Ginny Stiles said...

OMGosh he is just SO bright.
We have cardinals down here in central FLorida at our feeder, male and female but I swear our males are just not that bright. But the contrast against the snow also helps show him off. None of that here.
Thanks for sharing.

RH Carpenter said...

Hallie, they always stop me at the window - I have to look out and see who is out there - how many papas and how many mamas waiting for the bird seed :) I didn't know Papa takes care of the brood while Mama goes off and has another!! The things you learn on blogs :)

Lorraine, I am always surprised when people see them and say, What bird is that?? But I said that the first time I saw a magpie :)

Carol, thanks :) I do love watching the birdies.

Joyce, yes, Papa Cardinal shines in the winter whether it's against the snow or the grey branches.

Ginny, I would think he would be as bright there if it's the same species - maybe it just doesn't look as bright against the greens :)