Wednesday, January 15, 2014


The bitter cold has past but it's still winter.  I have seen a great blue heron in a front yard when I lived in Indiana - quite a surprise!  I know it's too cold for this one to be around my house now!!  Maybe he's keeping warm in Florida or South Carolina right now..

Again, painting from the background forward.

It was fun painting that lovely seascape behind him before tackling his feathers in lots of blues.

Big Blue
11" x 15" on Arches 300# hot press watercolor paper


debwardart said...

Just saw a heron yesterday - apparently they don't migrate! I'm really liking your birds - you have a "series" now!

RH Carpenter said...

Well, maybe they are around water and I just don't see them because I don't have a nice water feature on my property like you do!!! Thanks, Deb, for the comment - yep, a month of birds! ha ha

laura said...

I like the composition, Rhinda ... the way he's moving into the picture; and really love his face.
I was wandering around a marina taking pictures last week and unwittingly spooked a blue heron in the reeds ... He was long gone by the time I fumbled my camera into place.

MILLY said...

Happy New Year too. Loving your birds, would be watching for feathers, especially the red cardinals, we do not have such bright birds here.

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi there Rhonda!... Out of the blue... from a very limited blue palette... emergees "Big Blue"!

A great composition and wonderful quiet mood! Just the kind of conditions this heron-fisherman looks for to conduct his "plein air" fishing trips!


Good Painting!
Warmest regards,

Lorraine Brown said...

Love your Heron, we are having our 4th day of 45 degrees celsius here and even the water birds are hiding

Katherine Harra said...

It's a lovely painting, Rhonda. Having a small cabin on a big lake, my husband and I are passionate about the Great Blues that come to visit our shoreline, but I've never managed a photo and therefore will never have one to paint. Thanks for sharing.

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Laura. I like the softenss of this one.

Milly, hi! Thanks so much, I don't often see too many feathers - just the mourning doves feathers which seem to be dropped all over as they flap away from some perceived fright!

Bruce, you are such a poet :) Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I saw the warmth of the golden sunrise hitting the neighbor's house this morning and thought of your painting again - it really stuck with me!

Lorraine, I don't know how you are bearing it - or how the tennis players are not falling down on the courts in a dead faint! I have tremendous admiration for the women who are toughing this out (and look like they just want to go inside and cry!).

Katherine, a photo has to be in the future for you if you have these lovely birds visiting your cabin and lake :) Lucky girl!!

Vicki Greene said...

Great job on the heron and the background water is wonderful!

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Vicki. I did enjoy doing the water scene behind him and then bringing him forward.


his face is fall of curosity rhonda the dark horizon is a nice touch .