Friday, December 14, 2012


Here are some more of my favorites from the Colored Pencil show at The Barn:

Sorry about all the reflections - couldn't be helped, especially in a dark mat and frame.

I liked the delicacy of this one - it was small and would make a perfect gift for someone.

We arrived at the same time as 3 other ladies.  We discovered later that one was a colored pencil artist and she had several paintings in the show - Helen Bohler.  It was a pleasure to talk to her about art and the colored pencil group.  Here is just one of Helen's paintings (she had 2 portraits of dogs and one of autumn leaves):

And another interesting one that caught my eye:

Pelvic Thrust
by Jeff Acus

Mr. Acus has 2 more in the show, all interesting and visually appealing to me = 2 large paintings and one smaller one of the Eden Park water tower using a dark reddish brown paper - very cool!

The show is a large one, so you'll just have to visit to see the rest.  It will be up the rest of the month at The Barn in Mariemont.  Go see it, if you're in the area.  


Carol Blackburn said...

Those are amazing Rhonda, thanks for sharing. Have fun!

Nick said...

I have trouble thinking of them as paintings, but the colored pencil people do some amazing work. Wonder if Diane Ponting is still at it. There are watercolorists who do work that look like what some of the cp artists do - really no evidence of water or painterly handling. Why they use watercolor, I have no idea. It would be interesting to the cp artists get something that looks like wet watercolor, sort of like Erwin Lewandowski.

RH Carpenter said...

You're welcome, Carol. Glad you like them.
Nick, I know what you mean - and I am not a big fan of watercolors that are too detailed and not very painterly but to each his/her own, I guess, since we all do it differently. There was a lovely one that looked more painterly - I forgot to include it but it was one of my favorites, too; probably because it did look more like a watercolor. Now I'll have to look up these artists you mentioned. Have a wonderful Christmas!

CrimsonLeaves said...

Wonderful pieces, every one!

Kevin Neal said...

That first one threw me off. I had to look at it very hard to figure it out. And then I was wrong. First I thought it was a 2 sided painting that was cut out and hung in an opening in the gallery. Then I thought it was cut out and placed in a mirror. It wasn't until you told me the reflection was not intentional that I saw it the way you did. This is great. And as a bonus, I now have a great idea. A two sided painting, with an image on each side that hangs so you can walk around it. Two for one. I know of an artist that is doing this now, just can't remember her name. Only problem is of course, it's hard to display both sides without a lot of space in your house. In a gallery not so hard.
Rhonda, We have similar tastes in styles if we don't have them in subjects. Another good post.

Studio at the Farm said...

Rhonda, thank you for posting these photos. I love the painting of the nest with the eggs, too!

RH Carpenter said...

Glad you enjoyed them, Sherry and Kathryn.
Kevin, I saw a painting framed this way (a watercolor that was painted on both sides) in a glass frame in a gallery - you could walk around it and see both sides. Unfortunately, one side was upside down! ha ha It was a "rejected" side done by...
Andrew Wyeth and I imagine he would not have wanted the rejected side to be shown - it even had paw prints on it where he'd tossed it on the floor and let his dog walk over it! Interesting to see, though and I've never seen anything displayed like that again. I think you may have a neat idea and I've love to see you follow up on it!

Margi Hopkins said...

Hi I came across your words about my landscape painting from 2012. You called it Woodland Light, but is actually Shor park in Autumn, (Woodland Light is a painting of Daylilys.) The landscape remains one of my favorites. So thanks for noticing.

FYI, I will be teaching classes at the Row house Gallery, Milford in a few months starting with pet portraits, but would love to eventually teach my cp with solvents methods.

Love your work! Watercolor is a mystery to me:)
Margi Hopkins