Sunday, November 4, 2012


It's been a while, but I see that I have a few new followers so it's time to have a Sunday Sharing day!  If you don't know what that means, it means I look at the artwork on the blogs of those new followers and say a few words about them and suggest that others visit and view the different works.  You never know when a new blogger may become a favorite! 

I do appreciate my followers, each and every one.  If you have a blog, but it's not listed readily when I click on your face in the icon, just let me know, and I'll feature you, too.

So, we have 3 new followers who have blogs and here they are:

1.  The Dreaming Palette: Painting and Portals is just one of the many blogs by artist and mystical magical Canadian artist, Victoria Pettella.  She features lovely, mystical women and earth spirits on her blog - perhaps they are all a type of self-portrait?  Anyway, do visit and see what she has to offer.  Take some time; and if you like what you see, you may want to visit her other blogs!

2.  The Colors of the Day/Los Colores Del Dia, is the blog of Sonia Aguiar of Mallorca, Spain.  You will fall in love with her light touch with watercolors.  Go there and see what I mean!

3.  Ngeun Sysengthong's self-titled blog is full of fun colors and shapes that seem to come from his love of lithops.  What are lithops?  Well, after viewing his two blogs, it seems they are succulent plants and cacti.  Very interesting and fun with lots of variety.  Ngeun is working on capturing his natural subjects of cacti, succulents, rocks, leaves - anything natural in our world.  Visit his work and see what you think.  I think he's doing a good job and enjoy any work that features organic, natural things.

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone!


Victoria said...

Wow, I am lost for words..thank you for kindly spotlighting my blog and thanks for your super kind words!
I love your blog and your beautiful art and look forward to more of your creations! Many heartfelt thanks for your beautiful words!
I look forward to visiting the other artists you have mentioned! Wishing you a gorgeous day!

RH Carpenter said...

You're most welcome, Victoria! I'm glad you like my work and hope you get some new viewers to your blog from my little plug :)