Tuesday, November 6, 2012


In yesterday's post, I shared my first try at acrylic ink on watercolor canvas.  Today, I'm sharing work from two of my beginner students.  They had a great time and have some great starts here.  The cobwebbing and leaves are still on, but you get the idea of the colors they used and how they applied the paint - all without brushes except a few touches of red in Nancy's to bring out the shapes.

Nancy's painting (with the cobwebbing and leaves still on) looks like mine in color and tone.

Linda's painting, done with a very light touch and just with the cobwebbing on the canvas, is more abstracted and pale.  By the time she was going to press in leaves, the paint was dried, so she left it like this.  We all like it and can't wait to see if she removes the cobwebbing or leaves it on and spray seals it as it is.

While waiting for our large canvases to dry, we did a couple of smaller ones on smaller pieces of watercolor board or paper, to see what we could do differently.

This one is mine.  I poured the ink on and then sprayed it to get the organic drizzle look at the top, then used bubble wrap to press into the red/orange color.

This one is Nancy's.  She got really bold with the color on this one!

Linda decided to go much darker with the inks in this one and use bolder colors, too.  This one was done on watercolor paper.

Linda did a 2nd small one, using a stencil (from my selection of stencils from Mary Beth Shaw's StencilGirl company) of rocks to press into the bottom.  Then she decided to make it a rock garden with flowers blooming - very creative!

If you haven't tried acrylic inks, you might want to order a few small bottles and try them.  The color is vibrant and they go on like watercolors but dry permanently. 



renate said...

Hello Rhonda:) No I didn't vote today:) I like the results of your paintings and those of your students. Nice art!

Barb Sailor said...

Rhonda - these are wonderful! I love acrylic ink - you can do so much with it!

CrimsonLeaves said...

I do like what you all have done here, Rhonda. Thanks so much for sharing these.

RH Carpenter said...

LOL! Renate, I meant in the US - sorry! I should have stated more clearly - not everyone is voting for President but it's a big big deal here with lots of heated debates and a very polarized constituency! Thanks for your comments on the artwork.

Thanks, Sherry and Barb! Barb, you've tried every art medium so I'm not surprised you've used the acrylic inks!

Vandy said...

Lovely vibrant colours, Rhonda. I've been thinking about trying out inks and you've inspired me to take the leap. Thank you.

RH Carpenter said...

Thank you, Vandy. I think you will enjoy them!