Tuesday, July 10, 2012


The July 11th watercolor society meeting is going to be a good one!  If you're in the Cincinnati area, please stop by.  We meet from 10 am - noon and would love to have you visit.  Wednesday's program will be given by nationally known watermedia artist, Deb Ward, who will show us how to paint in fluid acrylics (and as a favor to me, she will be doing a geisha painting!!). 

For more information about the Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society, just click the link and read more about us and our members - and our upcoming shows.

Deb made it into the Ohio Watercolor Society show and the National Watercolor Society show this year!!! Whoo-hooo!!!  For more of Deb's work, see her blog here.


debwardart said...

Thanks for your comments - but, you ain't seen the presentation yet! Yep, gonna be a geisha, just hope all goes well! Gonna be a "big shew, a really big shew" tomorrow at the meeting, hope I'm up for it!!!

RH Carpenter said...

Well, I saw it today, Deb, and it was a good one - lovely work, as usual :)