Monday, July 30, 2012


I don't know where yesterday went - but it did.  Without my posting my Sunday Sharing.  I like to do this every time I get 3 new followers who have blogs. 

So, as my Momah used to say, "I'm a day late and a dollar short!"  But here they are - and what a fantastic bunch!!  You will find great pleasure in all of these blogs so have a cup of something delicious and spend a few minutes viewing these artist blogs.

1.  Sharon Whitley calls herself and her blog The Rambling Artist.  She makes me miss my time spent in Wales.  Sharon's blog is lovely; full of paintings you will really enjoy.  She has a great talent and skill and shares it with us - aren't we the lucky ones??

2.  Dan's Canvas is the blog of Dan Kent, an artist with which you may already be familiar.  As an artist and blogger, Dan is a 10 out of 10, folks, so don't miss spending viewing his work today!

3.  And I'm just going to say, RUN, don't WALK, to see the blog of Athay de Lopes!  Works of art that could easily be seen in any art museum; a master who has been painting for decades; a professor of painting on canvas who knows his stuff!

I think this will begin your week in a very artful and beautiful place - so take some time and visit these three amazing artists.  You won't be disappointed and you will definitely make a new favorite to return to again and again. 

Have a great week!  I am off to take Mom to her doctor's appointment and then (if her blood pressure is below 160/90), to her pulmonary rehab session. 


Irina Rekhviashvili said...

Rhonda, thank you for your Sunday sharings and great links!
And all the best to your mother.

Mick Carney said...

Just to add my thanks for the artists you introduce to us. said...

I always enjoy your Sunday Sharing! Thanks. (hope mom's blood pressure is ok.)

CrimsonLeaves said...

The work of all three is just phenomenal, for sure!

Sharon Whitley said...

Rhonda thank you so much for sharing my blog and for your lovely comments about it. What a brilliant idea to share your recent followers like that, such a lovely thing to do, I hope your mother is doing well, take care

RH Carpenter said...

I'm so glad you all enjoy the Sunday Sharing days (even if they are a day late! ha ha)

Sharon, I'm always pleased when one of my featured blogger artists sees their name and info here :)