Monday, July 16, 2012


Since I overworked the poor Indigo Bunting painting I'd begun, I started over, paying closer attention to the drawing and getting it right.   Here is the start of the new one.  It looks more like the bird, I think.  But I may need to add a bit of gouache mixed with a color to get some of the beige-colored feathers to stand out. 

And I did another postcard painting.  This one is all collage work (created in Myrna Wacknov's workshop at Kanuga this spring).  I glued bits and pieces on the postcard with acrylic gel medium. 

Do you see the secret bird in the upper right?

Tomorrow is class day - today is cleaning day!  (Why do you never see anyone in a movie clean their house?)


Christiane Kingsley said...

I really like the collage - I do see the bird! Your other bird painting is coming along very nicely.
Here in Ottawa it is simply too hot to do any housework today:-)
Have fun with your students tomorrow.

Irina Rekhviashvili said...

The collage is very dramatic, art with character.


love the collage "+crow" postcard rhonda ...beautiful blues and greens in w/c very hot here too..

Vicki Greene said...

You have been busy! Your bird is looking good and I really like the background and great colors in the collage.

Mick Carney said...

Lovely start to the bird portrait and your collage has had me thinking about different ways to take my art forward. I really like it.

Dan Kent said...

Well you sure have the indigo. I Love the collage - beautiful shapes and colors. (And I see the secret bird..)

CrimsonLeaves said...

Probably same reason you rarely see a dirty house in a movie. LOL

Love these two pieces, the top in progress. Sheesh Rhonda. Can you package up some of your energy and send it my way?

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks so much, Christiane. Yes, too hot here, too, but it has to be done! ha ha

Thanks, Irina!

Jane, I always think of Italy as hot but I may be wrong?

Vicki, I'm having a spurt of painting energy after not having any more weeks :)

Thanks, Mick! Collage is always fun but I haven't really mastered the look yet - lots of thought about composition and where things look the best!

Thanks so much, Dan :)

Sherry, I think it's a build-up of energy from weeks of doing nothing but sitting and hoping for cooler weather :) We even had a deluge of rain the other day - for about 1/2 hour only.