Monday, October 3, 2011


Sweetie was my photographer again when we (and my sister) went to the Woman's Art Club member show.  Not juried in so a wide variety of artworks, but there were prizes given for Best of Show, First (Traditional), Second (Traditional) and First (Contemporary), Second (Contemporary).  I didn't get anything.  I won't comment about the winners but will just show you the winning pieces.

First Place (I assume it's Traditional - there was no tag that told us)

Oil Painting
The Works of Her Hands
by Leslie Durham

Second Place (Traditional?)

Kentucky Road in Winter
by Laura McMahon

First Place (Contemporary?)

Kirigami Paper Sculpture
The Barn
by Helene Buell

Second Place (Contemporary?)
Reese's Folio
by Fran Watson

And Best of Show
The Macaw
by Ann Arnold

What I found interesting was the variety of styles and materials used as well as the labelling.  The painting that says watercolor was small "scraps" of watercolor paper with a dissected Reeses Cup painted on them in watercolor - but the box opening and surrounding it (the folio) was as much a part of the art and it wasn't mentioned.  The Macaw painting was acrylic but also had several collaged and gold-leafed leaves on it that weren't mentioned; and some thought the pastel had a watercolor wash underneath it that wasn't mentioned.  I thought you had to document your work more accurately, but maybe since it's just an open member show it's not a big deal?

And, of course, being a judge is not easy when there is such a variety to choose from.  I did have a few favorites (although I don't have photos of them) and the majority of the watercolors of the show were well done but didn't win any awards.  

This show began during the Fall Fundraiser for the Foundation that ows and runs "The Barn" so some of the pieces were sold and several of the donated 8 x 10 unframed paintings (all going for $99) were sold; but as it always is, there were many more unsold than sold.  Such are the times everywhere.


Crystal Cook said...

I always find it interesting to see the results of an open show like this. There seems to always be a wide variety of what gets an award. Glad you showed us the pics. :)

Anonymous said...

So interesting to see what grabbed the judges eyes. One day I'm going to try entering an art show. One day...

RH Carpenter said...

Crystal, it's always interesting and more unusual when it's an open show and then prizes. The photos actually make the works brighter than they were in real life, too.

Bohemian, do it - what have you got to lose and it's good experience to learn how to get something ready for a show even if you don't get in :)

Katherine Thomas said...

I still haven't figured out how art judges make their choices. I think ten different judges could assess the same exhibit, and would come up with ten different winners. But that's the beauty of art! Your work is so creative and exciting. I enjoy each new piece that you do!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

If a macaw won best in show, don't see why one of your wonderful crow paintings didn't get a mention. .. but then every judge has a different idea - don't I know it when a piece didn't get selected by the Norwich Art Circle but did get into the Eatern Open (much bigger affair) and sold first day!! You just never know. ....

RH Carpenter said...

Katherine, it would be interesting to know what the judge saw in a certain piece that made him/her choose that one but we usually don't get that information. I think it should be required.

I've heard lots of stories like your's, Joan - a painting doesn't get in one show only to get in another and win a top prize or be sold immediately - go figure! ha ha