Sunday, October 16, 2011


Well, I normally wait until I get 3 new viewers who have blogs before I do a Sunday Sharing but these two are such jewels in the crown of watercolor, I've got to share now!

My latest viewer is Oliva Quintin.  Oliva's blog is called Atelier Petite Mer and she lives and paints in Bretagne (Brittany, northern France, to English-speaking folks).  Her work amazes me, astounds me, makes me smile, makes me envious, makes me always remember what it is about watercolor that brings me such joy.  When it's done right - and she does it right - it sings!  Olivia as a jewel would be a pearl, misty, shining, glowing, irridescently lovely.

Next newest viewer comes from Spain, the region called Alicante.  His name is Luis Sala and his self-named blog shows work on par with those you see top watercolorists doing on DVDs and in art magazines.  His city scapes and landscapes and every painting in his blog is a true pleasure to view.   Luis as a jewel would be a ruby, strong, sure, deep, masculine.

If you love watercolor and want to see two of the best watercolor blogs around, do visit both Olivia's and Luis' blogs.  They paint the way I want to paint when I grow up!

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conservativelybohemian said...

Both of their works are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them!