Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I visited the chiropractor yesterday.  I'd had a migraine Sunday night through Monday and was feeling pretty rough when I got there.  I told him no pressing on the shoulders with his thumbs (which is like torture and makes me sore for days); so he used a metal rod that "shot" my neck over and over.  Now I can hardly turn my neck and I'm in pain.  Pain I didn't have before.  

So...time to try something else.  I'm going to go the massage therapy route for a while.  

I am down from 3-4 migraines a week in July to just 1 a week in October so that's pretty good, right?  I'm not satisfied with that, though, and no amount of donuts or exercise seems to get me over the hump of 1 per 7-9 days :(

Boo hoo! 
Poor, poor, pitiful me! 
And just like me, the sunshine and warmth of the days have gone;
it's colder and windy with rain and storms coming in!

I need my heat wrap and chocolate, stat!!

Are you watching the new season on Bravo of Work of Art/The Next Great Artist?  I've started watching (it aired on the 12th of this month), and you gotta watch!  How could you not watch the interaction between the artist who calls himself The Sucklord and Simon de Pury! ha ha  So far the women have been doing great work and I hope they keep it up.  I especially like Jazz-Minh's portraits and Sara's strange creations in watercolor and ink (I think I have seem both of these artists' work in magazines or online articles). 

Check it out if you're interested in the artwork and the personalities.  What would you create if you were in one of the challenges???


Sadami said...

Please take care. Give yourself indulgences. The new avatar look very nice!

Carol Blackburn said...

Oh my Rhonda, I do empathize with you. Have only had a few migraines in my lifetime but they are truly unforgetable. You should not feel worse after seeing the chiropractor. You are wise to seek other remedies.

hw (hallie) farber said...

Sorry about the pain, Rhonda.

Thanks for the tip about The Next Great Artist. I watched last year--I didn't know about the new season (hope I get Bravo). I've just about given up TV watching.

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Rhonda,
Your chiropractic experience reminds me of the old joke about taking your mind off of one pain with another. Not too funny in your case, however.
I wish there was something I could do to help, but I don't know what could top doughnut therapy! Or chocolate!
If you get really lucky, your many fans and friends will send you comments that get you laughing. Now that's a truly healing therapy.
Here's a Big Hug and a Big Bunch of Good Wishes.
Almost forgot...we watched the first season of the show and saw the debut of season two last week. It's always interesting to say the least. I can't imagine having to create something with those wicked time constraints and so much cash and "fame" on the line.
Hope tomorrow is a better day for you, Rhonda.

Anonymous said...

Did I ask you if you take a headache prohphylactic? I take 10 mg of Amitriptyline per day that is supposed to help me avoid those danged migraines. It seems to help, though if it is a sinus headache rather than a migraine it does nothing for me. Just a thought.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

So sorry Rhonda about the headaches and bad chiropractor experience. Afraid can't see the TV programme you rave about over here in England, but we have a great guy John Myers, who was jailed for fraud in copying master paintings and selling them to the elite in the art world - so good they were fooled!! Anyway now he earns his living with TV programmes and currently painting celebrities in the style of famous artists. Quite brilliant.

Wish you well and hope those migraines lessen even more. By the way you mention chocolate - I'm told this is one of the major triggers.

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, everyone! It's not the migraine but the treatment that's causing the pain now! How sad is that?? Neck is stiff and sore and I can't move it very freely - hoping it eases up as the days go by - this is from the chiropractic treatment Monday so I should be okay by the end of the week. Massage scheduled for Thursday! Hope it loosens up this old body - I'm about ready to trade it in on a newer, sleeker model!

Sherry, no prophylactic treatment - I was given Topomax but didn't want to take it - scary side effects put me off.

Joan, your show sounds good - a copyist of that stature must know his stuff! ha ha

Hope everyone who can enjoys the new show - take it all with a big fat grain of salt, though, as I think some of the judges are truly off (as well as the artists). I always just enjoy the good and laugh at the crazy - and, of course, they want drama!

jgr said...

Rhonda, SO sorry to hear of your migraines. I get them too although not as often. They seem to stay away when I eat more protein. Really. Also thanks for the info about the artists, I'm off to check them out.