Sunday, January 9, 2011


If you enjoy seeing good watercolor portraits and learning more about them, the latest Watercolor Artist magazine is one you should have.  I received mine a couple of weeks ago but have heard not everyone has received their copy. 

This issue (February) has work by Susan Montague (who calls Ted Nuttall her mentor, and Ted's style can be seen in her portraits).  It also has a drybrush portrait WIP from Robert J. O'Brien and a layered watercolor portrait WIP from Suzanna Reece Winton.  Chock full of portrait info and tips!

It also includes the winners of the annual Watermedia Showcase plus paintings which took top prizes in 22 of the year's annual juried shows.

And since this is Sunday, it's time to showcase some new followers/viewers:

1.  Katherine Thomas is a colored pencil artist.  I haven't the patience for this very time-consuming work but so admire those who create masterful works using just colored pencils and layering many many times.  Katherine's work makes your jaw drop and your eyes pop and your heart skip a beat - it's that good.  So pop over and check out her blog if you want a dose of really good artwork to make your day.

2.  HW (Hallie) Farber, whose artist blog is called Arting Around in SOVA (which stands for Southside Virginia), does everything from sketching to colored pencil to acrylic to...well just go over there and see for yourself.  She's got a pretty good sense of humor, too (always a plus if I'm going to read a blog for a while).

These are just two of my newest followers/viewers.  I went up to 85, then lost one and now am at 86.  I think I'll celebrate when I get to 99 - maybe with a give-away.  


hw (hallie) farber said...

Thanks you for the mention, Rhonda. Just last night, I ordered the Schiele book--thanks to your recommendation, and a gift certificate from B&N. I'm following the progress of your birds.

RH Carpenter said...

You're welcome, Hallie. I think you'll enjoy the book - very interesting, but short, life and very interesting artwork throughout.

Sadami said...

Dear Rhonda,
Thank you for the info. I admire Ned! Your blog is rich information scources.
Cheers, Sadami

Cynthia Schelzig,Cynnie said...

I think it is a great idea to feature your followers like you do.
I find it a bit strange though when followers NEVER comment and you can´t even find a blog for them. DO you have any of those? I think my blocked file would make for a VERY interesting feature:)

debwardart said...

Still don't have mine, Rhonda, I may have to borrow yours!
Sincerely, Shoeless Deb

RH Carpenter said...

I'm always happy to share information, Sadami, and appreciate your comments.

Cynnie, I've found those followers without blogs listed, too. I guess they find me from another blog they follow and decide to sign up.

Deb, I didn't get my last issue and when I realized it and emailed them they told me it was permanently out of stock - so you may need to contact them and make sure your issue hasn't gone missing. Put some shoes on, it's COLD!!!

Carol Blackburn said...

Hi Rhonda, I've tried to order this magazine on two separate occasions and I never get it. I guess you are one of the lucky ones.

RH Carpenter said...

Carol, I'm sorry about not getting the magazine. Do you mean you subscribed and never got it or ordered a single copy and never got it? There was still a couple of copies at my local store this past weeek - if you want a copy of this one, I could buy it and send it to you. If you're interested, just email me at
RHCarpenter at gmail dot com and I'll check to see if they still have them.