Sunday, January 2, 2011


Yesterday afternoon I began to get a migraine.  The visual aura preceding the pain, as usual.  I didn't pop a pill.  I told myself I would be okay, it would go away, I would ignore it and drain it of any power over me. 

Didn't work :(

The change in weather, I think, was the culprit.  Seems like my head is a barometer.  You want to know if the weather is going to change?  Don't check the weather channel, just call me and say, "Are you getting a migraine today?" 

Our weather went from a balmy 55F in the AM yesterday to a chilly and windy 35F by evening.  Winter returns, along with headaches...I'll be recuperating today and keeping warm.

And since it's Sunday, let's do like Pacino said in the movie, Scarface and
"Say hello to my little friend."  (No, I've never watched the movie, just saw the commercial for it many times with the same scene and same quote.

I've gotten some new watchers/followers recently and I'll introduce you to them (which also gives me a way to acquaint myself with them).

1.  Kathyrn Regan is an artist living in British Columbia (so she has plenty of inspiration around her).  She loves horses and shares her work at her blog called Studio at the Farm.  If you like good artwork (check out her flowers, they are stunning), horses and chinchillas (yep, I said chinchillas and you'll just have to go over and see), you'll enjoy a visit over to her blog.

2.  Carolyn Weir makes mobiles from painted watercolor paper and wire.  They are wonderful creations and I may have to have one in the future.  Check out her site called Skysetter Designs.  I think you'll enjoy seeing her creativity and thinking about how one of her mobiles would look in your home, floating on air.

Again, I appreciate every follower and commenter on my blog - you all are what keeps me ticking, though thick and thin, through sick and sin :)  I would love to highlight all my followers, but some don't seem to have blogs right now - but maybe they will in the future.

I hope you have a happy Sunday.


Jeanette said...

Sorry you get migraines, I know they can be debilitating. My daughters get them too.

Enjoy and relax today and hopefully the migraine will disappear.

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

:( I'm so sorry Rhon, hope the migraine goes away and you start feeling better soon [huuuug]

RH Carpenter said...

I know a lot of people who get migraines. I sometimes just hate to take the meds and think I can make it go away with willpower - some folks never learn :)

Prabha N. said...

My teeth acts up in the same way your head does Rhonda. I keep myself warm and try to avoid meds too. It helps at times. Hope you have a creative and healthy New Year.

Nick said...

Hello Rhonda, I've been in a migraine cycle myself since last week. everyday. Another MSG nightmare, and the Imitrex doesn't fix those. As if that weren't enough I also got severa; "normal" migraines which I control with the sumatriptan, but too much or too many then leads to rebound headaches. No winning on that deal. I feel your pain!

Ann Buckner said...

Hope your head is feeling better today. The ravens are looking really good Rhonda.

RH Carpenter said...

Gracias, Teresa :) One can always use a hug.

Ann, thanks. I'm good to go today.

Prabha, I've been having achy teeth or jaws, too - maybe it's a dental problem.

Nick, I hate taking the meds and have graduated from imitrex (no longer worked for me) to Maltex - a tablet I cut in two and melt on my tongue. Quick relief if I get to it in time. Sorry about your pain - migraines are the worst but, hopefully, we'll be out of this cycle soon. I know, for me, it's the cold and the tensing of muscles when I'm cold, that starts some of these.

Pam Johnson Brickell said...

I'm late as usual! I sure hope you are feeling better by now!! Love your new banner, new portrait too! Happy New Year!

RH Carpenter said...

Pam, well wishes are never late :)