Saturday, December 18, 2010


Using only my watercolors, I worked on this 9" x 12" watercolor canvas with the trees on there from Mary Beth Shaw's tree stencil and Wood Icing. 

Here's where I am. 

I'm not sure that miskit will come off the canvas to show the full moon - but it was worth a shot.  Once it dries, I'll see if I can remove the miskit without creating a mess. 

Next time I use the wood icing and stencils, I think I'll use a harder support (media board or wood or something like that - the canvas was a bit wobbly in places and I didn't like painting on it much since it really soaks up the watercolor).

So a good experiment but I'll keep playing and see what works best.  The watercolor canvas may work best with fluid acrylics - or regular body acrylics.  I think I'm overdue for a portrait...will have to come up with a nice face to try.

Have a good weekend!


Cynthia Schelzig,Cynnie said...

Looks like an imaginary worldscape. I really like it...ohhhh I hope that mask comes off the moon will glowwwww.

MB Shaw said...

Very interesting - the Wood Icing is pretty porous, so I am intrigued to see what it does with watercolor. Just fyi, you can work acrylic paint into it as you apply if desired. Playplayplay!!! Yum.

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

I haven't used the w/c canvas for awhile either, for the same reasons. You have to use such creamy paint that it loses its transparency, it seems to me anyway.

How about gessoed watercolor paper? That might be stiff enough to support the wood stuff and allow some great spontaneous flow of paint.

RHCarpenter said...

It is pretty much imaginary (as much as I ever get, that is), Cynnie :) I hope the miskit comes off the moon, too.

Mary Beth, thanks for that tip - a bit of color in the wood icing. It did take the watercolor and I couldn't wipe it back to the original color easily so you can color it whatever you want, I imagine but it'd be easier to add the color before putting it on the canvas/board or paper. I'm going to try another today.

Susan, this canvas has been sitting around in my art room a long time - so maybe it became a bit loose? Anyway, I'm with you about the watercolor on it - it seems you don't get a watercolor flow and glow with it because you have to keep going over it with pigment to get darker colors. Next up, maybe art board or watercolor board? Gessoed paper may work well, too.

debwardart said...

I really hate that w/c canvas - the colors always seem dull to me. Try some regular canvas; put some paint on a small area and if it seems too absorbent add another coat of gesso. Or, your idea of the w/c board - just keep trying!

Irina said...

So interesting to read the diary as a book, dozen posts at once, after absence. Different feeling comparing to daily basis. Missing feeling of "here and how", but adding "woods to the trees". I wish you be healthy, I like so much your gift boxes, and congratulations on the grand prize. And thank you for the great links.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Clever girl, combining all these techniques.
Loved the gift parcels and thought you did a magnificent job in rescuing the one with the green ribbon.

Carol King said...

so far, so good. I'm glad to see you painted an image with your wood icing and stencils.

Can'cappit wait to see more.

Pam Johnson Brickell said...

Rhonda, I love the total design of this piece and your use of lights and darks. I hope the miskit cooperates. Just so you know, this week..... Total Lunar eclipse 1 -2 am on the 20th and full moon the 21st with the Winter Soltice :) I hope the skies are clear!

RHCarpenter said...

Deb, I can always go back in with fluid acrylics on this canvas - if I want to do that later.

Irina, thank you and glad you have caught up with things since your trip away :) I know you loved London and all you saw there will fuel your artwork for months.

Thanks, Joan. The saved one was okay but it won't ever be my favorite - I have another in the works that is coming along well, though.

Thanks, Carol!

Pam, full moon and lunar eclipse? I sure hope the skies are clear so I can see these.