Sunday, December 26, 2010


It's Sunday.  I haven't been painting - just wrapping, unwrapping, visiting, leaving, eating and more eating!

So it's time to share a few new followers I've gained.

Vicki Greene is an outstanding artist with a heart as big as her largest paintbrush (and then some).  She has created her blog called Garden of Weeden and she does give-aways and shares WIPs and is a member of WatercolorWorkshop (where I became friends with her).  You will find some lovely work over at Vicki's blog and you may sign up and win one of her monthly give-aways.  But even if you aren't lucky enough to be a winner there, you will win when you see her work.  She is dedicated, careful and must have the patience of a saint!!  Lots of layering and slowly building up colors in watercolor to make them shine.  I am the proud owner of a few of her pieces and they are amazing - and she works behind the scenes at WatercolorWorkshop, helping the large group run without a hitch.

Another brand new follower is from Paris, France - can you say ooo la la!  Her paintings are outstanding and I'm glad to learn about her.  So stop on over to visit
Dominique Gion at and see her work.  I couldn't get Microsoft to translate the French into English for me but maybe you'll have better luck - or maybe you speak French so you can spend time reading as well as looking!

Although I didn't find a blog for her, I also want to say hello to my friend, Sue Drennan.  Sue has grown in the years I've known her through WatercolorWorkshop and her work never ceases to give me a smile and feeling of pleasure that I have watched her watercolor journey and I've seen how far she's come.  She is creating wonderful work that should be promoted more - but I guess you'll just have to hop over to WatercolorWorkshop (a Yahoo group created by Susie Short) and join in the fun to see Sue's work.  Sue is not only a fine artist, she is one of the moderators behind the scenes at WatercolorWorkshop who helps the large group run smoothly. 

I hope you'll take a moment or two to visit the blogs listed and see some new art!!


Vicki Greene said...

What a nice suprise to check in on your blog and see your sweet comments about me and my blog. Thank you so much my friend. Enjoy the food - its the holidays!

RH (Rhonda) Carpenter said...

I love surprising people, Vicki, as long as they are good surprises! ha ha