Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Working with a very small brush, just touched here and there to make minor changes.  I don't think I've ruined it and IT IS DONE :)

A bit more to go on the portrait before it's done but it's coming along.  I lost her nose but that can be found again.

I'm also working on something else but that will have to wait...if it turns out, it will be a surprise.


Christiane Kingsley said...

The dancer is perfect!!!The portrait is also coming along very well...You must be happy about these. I can't wait for the surprise that you have in store for us.

Gary L. Everest Paintings said...

Hi Rhonda,
Okay, worked on her face and yes, I like it even more. Nice work. Unfortunately, our computer, or Google, has decided not to present your "Dancer" image, so I cannot comment on what I can't see. Reading Ms. Kingsley's comment, it must be very nice. I'll congratulate you in the blind.
Have a great day,

Gillian said...

Personally, I'd love it if someone lost my nose. LOL. These are so fresh and lively. Beautiful!

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Christiane. Ah, the surprise will wait a while...working on it.

Gary, sorry you can't see the dancer - I'll send a copy through email so you can see it.

Gillian, thanks :)

Carol King said...

both turned out really well Rhonda. You should be proud.

Ann Buckner said...

The dancer looks really good Rhonda. I especially like the way you painted her arm and shoulder area. The portrait is coming along too. You are making progress by leaps and bounds.

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks so much, Ann :)

Carol, thanks - still more to do on the portrait before it's finished but will keep it light (I hope).

Lisa Walsh said...

Beautiful job on both paintings, Rhonda! Bravo for having the tenacity to take on very tough subjects again and again. Now go find that nose and finish the portrait.

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Lisa, I guess I'll be playing, "Whose got your nose?" with this one :) ha ha