Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Having absorbed the recent news of a watercolor painting friend passing from inoperable cancer and another being giving just 6-12 months more months from another type of cancer, I find myself thinking:

What if there was no time to wait?

What would you do? If you knew each step was now so much more important, would you tread more carefully or go with wild abandon wherever you walked? Would you smile at more people as you passed them in the aisles of a store? Would you eat more ice cream and less granola?

Would you look at your paintings and tell yourself, "Not too shabby," for more of them, and loosen your grip on those that no longer have meaning to you? Would you give more away? Would you sketch something every day?

Would you walk in the park and pet the dog more?

It's the little things -- like a gorgeous, unbelievable sunset or a softly subtle yet illuminating rainbow -- that make our days worth living. Enjoy every one. Try to touch the powder from a butterfly's wings without harming the butterfly. Capture a frog from your garden and have a long conversation with him. He won't share your secrets.

Cradle a child and hug a spouse for a long time.

Take stock but don't let it cause fear in you, but great joy for this life is all we're given and standing in the present is the best gift you can give in return.

Take care, my friends. Enjoy the day, whatever it brings. If you are in pain of any kind or fearful of anything, know that it will pass by like an autumn breeze...merely the scent of woodsmoke in the air...blowing across your face and fading away.


Suzanne McDermott said...

Love you, Dear. Glad you're in the world and that I know you!

debwardart said...

Rhonda, very eloquent. Seems we always appreciate our lives a little more when we are made to realize our own mortality. I'm sorry to learn about your two friends; my sympathy to all of you - but take time to spend with your friend, too, it will mean a lot in the future.

Cindi said...

so sorry about your friends.. thank you for making me pause and think..

the old, take time to smell the roses comes to mind...as we race thru each day.. its always good to remember to take time to stop, enjoy, and tell folks how much you care..

thank you rhonda, for being the special person you are!!!

RHCarpenter said...

Virtual hugs (I know, not as good as the real things but if you close your eyes and imagine real hard you might feel them) to you all as you work through your week. Hope you stop and enjoy the little things and the people who make you smile. You all make me smile :)