Saturday, September 19, 2009


I got a large package in the mail yesterday and opening it, discovered some wonderful surprise gifts from Susan on Vancouver Island! Some wonderful Indian Khadi papers in a large book - there are plenty of papers inside to play with and it's a heavy book - makes me want to try it right away. One bonus - inside is a "practice" watercolor sketch painted by her husband, Mohan. I always adored his paintings and now I have another original :) And she was going to tear it out! I'm so glad she didn't.

She also sent a 9" x 12" watercolor canvas - another toy to try out!

If you don't know, the watercolor canvas is coated with a gesso that allows one to paint on it with watercolors. Then you seal it with a spray acrylic coating and you're set to hang it - no matting and framing needed.

Thanks so much, Susan, for the surprises for me - and for the girls (I'll get them to them soon, I promise). Susan was going to visit this month but her back is giving her fits and she could not stand the thought of the long airplane trip and sitting in airports and riding in cars and sleeping in a strange bed, etc. that would take its toll on her back. I fully understand - that happened to me when we were planning to visit her last July and had to postpone until September. So the trip is not cancelled - just postponed for a while.
I am still working on the Cumberland Collage painting, doing a bit at a time. Will be able to share some later today...


Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

How wonderful for Susan to send these to you! I feel Susan's pain in her back and hope that it is soon in the past; as I know you do, too! These are so wonderful and I hope you can generate much like Mohan did with this book. This is a beneficient bestowal upon thee! I know you are worthy of this!

RHCarpenter said...

Hi, Susan. I've found that women named Susan are very nice women :) I can't paint like Mohan, never could...but I love having this little wc sketch in the book to inspire me. How's that red-haired girl doing? :)