Tuesday, September 22, 2009


We had such a cool, wet summer that we imagine a glorious autumn display of colors will be our reward this fall. Here is the first little red leaves I picked up on my walk a few days ago. Soon...all the colors will be at their peek and we'll have to be out taking photographs and walking in the woods and enjoying the cool mornings and evenings.

I had a wonderful afternoon today, visiting, sharing art materials and talk, and just chatting about everything with J. Her neighborhood was most impressive - each house large and very different architecturally. I enjoyed just gawking at the houses and acreage and the view of the Ohio River on our short walk with Boo-Boo; and enjoyed getting to know her a bit more and see more of her artwork (she does oils, acrylics and watercolors and collage and...).


Barbara Brussell said...


I am a new fan, having come across your work last night, when I googled "sketching a lamb" for my nephew's birthday.

Your Spring Lamb on Tyvek. is wonderful. I loved your sweet lamb and the colors. I'm still not sure what Tyvek is.

I'm blogging for my very first time, because I acknowledge your work, and also, wanted to know
how to be able to have a copy of your lamb.

Please let me know,


Barbara Brussell

RHCarpenter said...

Barbara, I've emailed you a couple of times with no response - maybe you didn't get them? If you email me at RHCarpenter at gmail dot com, then I can get your address to send you the lamb...if it's not too late now.