Thursday, September 24, 2009


In a lifetime of 52 years, how many hearts have I managed to carefully collect without bruising or breaking them? If I have collected a dozen or more, that could be a sign of a well-lived life.

Feeling down today.
Could be the health issues;
could be the rain that has been coming down in a steady drizzle All Week Long;
could be the meds;
could be I'm just in a crappy mood and need to kick something (but not the cat - I've been told that is a bad thing to do), or maybe go throw paint around on something (but not the cat, he wouldn't appreciate that, either).

I hope all of you are having a good day, creative, warm, happy, with some sunshine or at least rainbows. I love that we can all share our art and our lives in this virtual reality we have created :)


Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

These are beautiful hearts, as yours is! My favorites are the stone ones, I have a thing for shiny stones of any kind! I also like shiny hearts, such as yours. I hope your recording device can pick up on the glow that comes from within and not anything serious. Hugs to you, your are being thought of today!

Sandy Maudlin said...

It is wonderful to share in our virtual reality, but oh so much BETTER to know you IRL! Glad we live close:-)

Cindi said...

hi there, back again today.. had read that you were feeling down so i thought i'd send you some extra sun.. from sunny cali..

i can understand your feeling of just plain yuck!! its seems the waiting is the worst .. why cant docs figure that out and hurry it up a bit...???

sending another gentle hug.. and good wishes for a better day!!

Christiane Kingsley said...

I am sending you some virtual sunshine from Canada. Take care. Think of the rainbow after the rain...

Ginny Stiles said...

More hugs for Rhonda on a rainy down day. Wish you could be here in WI where the sun shone all day. Probably our last real Indian Summer day of the season as the weather forecasts are looking a tad chilly for next week! We need your rain here..send it on up to us please!!! I love that you collect hearts..they are so unusual. Hope you get a good nights sleep and feel much improved tomorrow! Happy thoughts are coming your way!

Vicki Greene said...

I hope tomorrow is a better day. You heart collection is beautiful.

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks so much, ladies, for the comments and hugs and good wishes. Still raining :( and not supposed to be any relief in sight until Sunday. Time to just go back to bed with a good book and ignore it for a while...but have a trip to pack for and take. Jerry has decided he really needs to go to his 46th high school reunion and see people he hasn't seen for...well...46 years!! I think he enjoyed high school much more than I did.
I'm going to do a stop raining dance and send this rain to you, Ginny! ha ha