Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday's Class: ACEO Swap

Everyone in my Tuesday class with Sandy Maudlin has been busily making art cards - you know the ones: 2 1/2" x 3 1/2 and traded or sold on eBay. We made one for each member of the class so we each made 11 cards (some of us made more).

Today in class we exchanged the cards.
Here is a photo of the whole shebang: 11 cards x 12 artists (counting Sandy, our teacher). Sandy had us lay them all out together and then guess which artist painted which art cards. We've been painting together long enough to know by style who had painted what (most of the time).
And here are 2 photos of the ones I came home with in my hot little hands :) I tell you, there are some outstanding artists in this group. Since today was my last Tuesday class (I'll be moving to Thursday since I have a change in schedule this summer), it was a nice ending with this wonderful group.

White daisy = Kathy W
Landscape = Karen
Yellow sunflower = Cheryl
Pen and Ink flowers = Amanda
Tree on rock = Sandy
Gondola = Sandy (yes, she made one especially for me so I got two!!)
Windowbox = Leslie

Italian scene = Ritzie
Coconuts = Bonnie
Abstract collage = Linda
Church = Marian
Blue tang = Kathy S
And we did that and still had time to paint. The rest of the class (well, most of them) were working on watercolor batiks but I worked on my flamingo instead - will share that tomorrow. Right now I need to decompress and just veg out...


Lost in wonder said...

That gondola is on yupo?
you got an outstanding bunch of little masterpieces Rhonda.

Candy said...

I really like the colors in the gondola. I also like the delicate colors used on the white daisy. In fact, I like all of the little paintings. You made out like a bandit, Rhonda!

I'm looking forward to seeing what you've done to your flamingo.

(I tried leaving a comment yesterday, but I think I did something wrong.)

RHCarpenter said...

Teresa: Yes, the gondola is on yupo - Sandy knows how to make yupo do whatever she wants! She painted many of these on yupo. Pretty cool, huh?
Candy: Kathy, who painted the white daisy, does wonderful macro flowers and interesting perspectives of flowers - very loose and lovely.
Sorry blogger wouldn't let you leave a comment earlier. Hope it was just a temporary glitch.