Sunday, May 17, 2009


My painting SWAP group is in full swing with paintings travelling across the world and more to come. My painting will be sent to someone in my own country so I don't have to mail it until tomorrow. And I will finish the small touches today and have it ready to go to my partner.
All the paintings are small (from 5" x 7" up to 7" x 9") and are to remain a secret until the person opens it once it arrives at its destination :)

Wonder where my painting will go? won't go outside the US, I've already told you that. Another is going to state where I have never stayed but have driven through on my way to somewhere else. That's the only hint you get, folks. Wait and see!

Since I don't have anything to share yet, I'll show off some older SWAP paintings I have sent out to members.

Alpaca for Gina (in Washington). Large red pepper to BK in Georgia.

Red and yellow peppers to Joyce in Washington.

And since I'll finish my SWAP painting today, I will get back to the frisson of flamingos, too, and share that later today.

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