Monday, May 18, 2009


Well, after living here 15 years we finally got around to having the house painted! The woman who lived here before us had just painted the house yellow and brown. She really liked yellow. Most of the house is brick and it has several colors in the brick I chose from to come up with the colors I want it now.

This is the before photo:

And here are the delicious-sounding colors I chose to paint with this time:

Coconut Scent
Chocolate Cherry :)

My brother, who can do anything in the construction/home repair area, started today and I should have a nicer looking house by Wednesday.

Oh, and I mailed out my SWAP painting this morning. It is now going priority mail to its new destination - a bit west and a bit south and...well, you'll see. Here's the painting, in case you're interested...


Vicki Greene said...

South and West.....NO, NO, NO .....that is not the way to my house ..... you are just directionly challenged right?

RHCarpenter said...

Well, yes, my husband says I am directionally challenged (although he puts it a different way! ha ha) So maybe it is coming to you, Vicki?!?

Lost in wonder said...

Those colors are delicious!
Rhonda, have I told you how beautiful is your house? I'm in love