Friday, May 29, 2009


When I returned from the procedure/ordeal yesterday, I went to the TV and watched the Michael J. Fox program on Optimism. I think this is supposed to be a regular program - but not sure. Anyway, I knew I could get into a major funk if I let myself so...I watched Michael talk to people about optimism and how they have used illnesses and problems to create wonderful things (Lance Armstrong's LiveStrong foundation and Michael's own foundation for Parkinson's research are just two of those wonderful things).

At the end it was determined that genetically we are born to be more optimistic or more pessimistic - but that's not bad as both can work for you. But isn't it more fun to be optimistic? Since it is - and makes other enjoy being around you more than when you are being pessimistic, I am going to fake it (because I know I was born pessimistic and sarcastic and touchy and...well there is a lot of nurture in that outcome, too, so I got it from both sides).

But...if you can fake it, you can make it. going to be a good day. Today...I am going to read a funny blog or two and maybe watch a comedy and read something upbeat. Today...I am going to post some sketches I've been fiddling with even if they aren't that great (ooops, of course they are great!!! They are wonderful!! They are creative and they are from my little hands and why wouldn't you just love them to pieces...too much optimism? I'll try to tone it down some! ha ha)

Have a day - good or bad, up or down, in or out, sweet or sour. As Murr says at, every day you're alive is a good "funeral alternative"!!! Check her out - she made me laugh so hard, I spit my coffee on my monitor (and you know, the pessimist in me would say, "That's a mess! Clean that up now before it ruins everything." But the optimist in me says, "Time for another cup!"


Sandy Maudlin said...

Youn are SUCH an optimist, with a quirky sense of humor. You've got enough going on to make you miserable, but you seem to have that sunshine side that always glows through. Love ya! Now where are those sketches?

Chris Beck said...

We've got your back, Rhonda!! And there's scientific evidence to show that faking it actually does work. Smiling releases good brain chemicals that make you feel better. So it follows that laughing probably does even more!! I'm going to scan and email you a pdf of a story that will make you laugh, guaranteed!

Chris Beck said...

p.s. Thanks for the link to Murr. Fun reading!!

Candy said...

You have a good heart and a kind heart. (I'm a good judge of hearts.) House will get things figured out for you. I like what Sandy said about "the sunshine side that always glows through". I can see that about you even on the Internet! It jumps right out in your paintings and your blogs.

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Sandy! What nice things to say.
Chris, I know you all "got my back" and that's one of the MJFox comments = connecting with others helps you stay more optimistic. Maybe because they make you laugh too much to be down or kick your butt out of the rut when you need it :) Isn't Murr a hoot!!!
Candy, your kind words make me blush! Thank you so much.